I’m multi-platform designer. Interest In IT, Digital Service, Media, Brand, UX/UI, Motion Graphic
deliver messages via graphics, typography and icons. In addition motion graphic, 3D graphics 
more through richer and more dynamic expreessions to convey messages positively.

LIFE x Rawrow
Travel Collection
SNS Movie

LIFE Archive is an urban lifestyle brand based on the legendary current affairs magazine of the United States, founded in 1936.

RAWROW is a brand inspired by LESS BUT BETTER. 'Why do people carry bags?' To 'How do we carry them?' Is designing bags.
Inspired by Life Magazine, the leader in American photo journalism.

As it is a collaboration between two brands, we promoted each brand's identity.

It is a video used in various spaces such as SNS, pop-up store, and exhibition, and it is produced in square ratio according to the characteristics of media.

R Trunk - LIFE RED
IInspired by Life Magazine's original logo color, Life Red, it gives an intense and sophisticated look.

Transition - Photographer's shutter
Inspired by the camera shutter, the icon of Life Magazine, the screen is switched.

R Trunk - ARMY
Inspired by the war themes recorded by Life Magazine, this product is neutral and modern.

Factory rail - Various angles
Motif is obtained from the rail of the production plant and shows the angle of view.

LIFE X Rawrow Travel Collection
Meet the cool and useful bags made by two brands that care about people's daily lives and lives.

LIFE Magazine Korea

With CLK. Seoul
Project Manager : Choi Jungmin

Project Members
Motion Designer : Kim Chulhee

My part
All about Movie Design

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